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If possible, you will want to turn your sound on!

Welcome to, the website I designed and coded for my record label, we sound LLC, launched in 2018

*pause for acknowledgement and kudos*

*maybe a standing ovation*

... hopefully a smile at least:)

This portfolio demonstrates my experience in creating engaging, interactive visual campaigns for a robust digital market

Within this capacity, I seek ways to implement my brand and message wherever my digital content is 

Developing stimulating experiential designs...

Need Supply Co. Portfolio designs-01.png
Need Supply Co. Portfolio designs-02.png
Need Supply Co. Portfolio designs-03.png
Need Supply Co. Portfolio designs-04.png

Immersing the consumer into a creative fabric that can only be identified as - Khalil

Need Supply Co. Portfolio designs-09.png

we sound

Need Supply Co. Portfolio designs-10.png

or, potentially,                       

Enough talk and animation, let's dive in!

(This link has been removed as this page is for demonstration purposes)

question mark for intro page.png

*This experience is best viewed with the Google Chrome browser. If you experience any issues while the animation plays, please close out of the browser window and try reloading.

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